Our Infrared sauna is currently unavailable due to COVID19.

Ashtanga Yoga Dublin is currently the only commercial location in Ireland making the full spectrum Sanctuary available to the public. Email us on 087 2376383 to book.


  • Monday: 12pm and 7pm
  • Tuesday: 8am to 12pm, 7pm
  • Wednesday: 8am, 12pm and 7pm
  • Thurs: 8am to 12pm, 7pm
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 12pm only.


  • 20 minutes €30
  • 30 minutes €35
  • 5 x 20 minutes €135
  • 5 x 30 minutes €155

We recommend that you start with 20 min sessions and build up to 30 mins.
A towel is provided & our dressing rooms contain showers.

1. Relieves Muscle Pain
2. Boosts Immune System
3. Detoxifies at a deep level
4. Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
5. Reduces Stress and Fatigue
6. Decreases Inflammation
7. Improves Skin Tone, Elasticity, Texture
8. Increases Metabolism to Burn Calories
9. Improves Appearance of Cellulite


There are 3 main categories of infrared:
NEAR – Near infrared has the shortest wavelength and is absorbed just below the surface of the skin. This spectrum helps raise your core body temperature and provides anti-aging benefits, aiding skin purification and rejuvenation.

MID – This is a longer infrared wavelength that penetrates deeper into the body’s soft tissue. These waves increase circulation and release oxygen to injured areas.

FAR – Far infrared is the longest infrared wavelength and penetrates deep into your body. Far infrared wavelengths result in the greatest levels of detoxing, increase your metabolism aiding in cardiovascular health, improve circulation through vasodilation, relax muscles, reduce joint pain and much more.

Our Clearlight infrared model is full spectrum incorporating all 3 types of infrared wavelengths.
The company has over 20 years of experience as a leader and innovator within the industry. Their infrared sauna technology has the lowest levels of both EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and ELF (Extremely low frequency) within the infrared sauna space, making them the safest and yet most effective infrared therapy cabins on the market.

The sun produces a combination of visible and invisible light, and one of those invisible spectrums is infrared rays. Invisible infrared wavelengths are what makes the sun feel warm (and ultraviolet wavelengths are what makes it bright). Scientists have established that infrared waves are beneficial to the human body because they are easily absorbed, stimulating the lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems. They also help remove toxins.
Traditional saunas heat the air and this hot air heats the user. In contrast, infrared saunas use advanced therapy to deeply penetrate and heat up the tissues directly. This results in a deeper sweat, at a lower ambient air temperature. We can feel it as gentle, radiant heat. It is therefore possible to comfortably stay in an infrared sauna for a longer time than a traditional sauna.