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What is Ashtanga Yoga?

People often ask ‘What is Ashtanga Yoga?’ They have images in their minds of people doing various yoga postures or sitting in Lotus pose meditating, or lying on the floor relaxing. All of these images are correct, in that they represent some of the many practices of Yoga, yet none conveys the full story. […]

Paula Herbert Yoga in Pregnancy

During pregnancy many students take up yoga for the first time without really understanding what it is they are actually signing up for, and without a clear insight into the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Yoga delivers far more than fitness during pregnancy although many choose to take classes for this reason alone. […]

My Experience of Ashtanga Yoga

The following is by Clare McKeown who has been a student at Ashtanga Yoga for over two years, find out what she thinks about our course and her experience of Ashtanga Yoga.
My Experience of Ashtanga Yoga…

I have been a student at Ashtanga Yoga Dublin for 2 years, and this year have enjoyed doing the […]