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Yoga Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from some of the students who have attended our Beginners Yoga Courses:

Sarah O Donnell

sarah odI started the beginners course not really knowing what to expect, but it really exceeded any expectations that I could have had. It has been wonderful for my entire body and has really helped me to keep my life in balance. At the end of each practice I feel better and better.

Katie Holmes

katie holmesI entered the beginners course because I wanted a deeper and more personal yoga practice and I definitely got what I wanted and a lot more. Fully understanding the breathing and positions has brought me physical strength, peace and clarity of mind and loads more energy.

Paul Murray

paulmI found the beginners course to be really well structured. It felt like it had the right balance between theory and practice. As a group of 12 or so, mix of men and women, we had lots of time for questions and discussion. David has a world class knowledge of yoga and his introduction of the subject was completely eye opening. The health and lifestyle benefits that I have reaped after taking this course are vast and 18 months later I am still attending classes. I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking up yoga – you won’t be disappointed.

Eimear Saunders

eimearsHaving never tried yoga before, I started with the Beginner’s Course at Ashtanga Yoga Dublin. I was hoping it would help with recently developed asthma. On the first day, I was taken aback by how athletic Ashtanga yoga is, and I felt like I was in over my head, but I was shown the postures in a way that I could understand and as many times as was required before I could do it independently. Everything was (and continues to be) focused on my abilities and needs, and at no time have I ever felt inadequate.

The results of Ashtanga Yoga have far exceeded my expectations, and are very obvious to the people around me. I have been told several times by people unaware of my practice “whatever you’ve been doing, keep it up” so noticeable is the difference in me. I have found a new enthusiasm and energy for life, which I’m now making the most (and enjoying every second!) of. I have also found I am able to handle day to day stress and strain with good humour and patience.  My asthma has improved to the point that on my doctor’s advice I am now cutting down on the medication I’m taking, soon to be off it altogether.

Elzaan Goosen

elzaanTHIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!! If you want to learn how to practice Yoga properly, this is the place to come. The instructors are passionate about Yoga and excellent teachers. You will move at your own pace, but will see improvements in your practice with every class. It is tough, but you will always find yourself coming back for more!!! I am so grateful that I came across this school!

Barry Lee

brleeI signed up for a beginner’s course with David and Paula having no previous yoga experience. I started practicing regularly and pretty much immediately noticed a whole range of physical and mental benefits. At a physical level, I had been really interested in fitness and had played sport for years. However, I noticed that years of going to the gym had caused by body to stiffen up and I had a lot of recurring injuries: weak ankles, tight hamstrings and a bad shoulder to name but a few. After a few months regular practice I had noticed a real improvement in how my body felt. More importantly, the practice had a hugely beneficial impact on my state of mind, which I had not anticipated. I found myself to be calmer and more self-aware. This was only after a few months, so I was really excited about what I had discovered.

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