A New Chapter for Ashtanga Yoga Dublin

Behind the scenes over the last year, we have been working hard on a complete rebrand for Ashtanga Yoga Dublin, and we are now very happy to announce the launch of our new name and website.
We wanted a name that would bring together both Yoga and Ayurveda and communicate both as a way of life. And so, we welcome you to…

YogaVeda Living Homepage

This name represents the essence of who we are and what we do, so click the button below to go to our new website, where you will find that we are still doing everything we used to but much more as well. Just click the button!

YogaVeda Living Website Homepage


Our Live Classes are (Back) off again!!


Hey everyone! We hope you have all been coping as well as possible with the very unusual times we have been experiencing and will, no doubt, continue to live through for a while longer. We are now at the point where we feel it is the right time to get back to some live classes in the Shala, while still maintaining our online schedule as it has been.

For us, over the last few months, it has been so important to have brought the Shala online, and now it is time to slowly start to come back to live classes in as safe and secure a way as possible. To this end, we will begin very slowly, with just a few classes per week, the schedule of which you can see below. As we see what the take up of these classes is, and assuming everything continues to improve as regards the pandemic, we will add in more classes as time goes on.

Due to the current restrictions, we are only allowed to have 6 students at any given class. As a result of this, and because of the uncertainty with regard to whether new restrictions may be brought in that change our being able to host in-studio classes, we are only able to offer classes on a drop-in basis and all classes will have to be booked in advance using MomoYoga. See the details of how this works below.

We hope that you will understand that due to the limited number of students we can accommodate, we have had to increase the cost of the drop-in class.

Naturally, there are many changes and special conditions which must be observed to enable us to hold live classes again. Please read these carefully below.

PLEASE NOTE NEW Live Class Schedule

Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Sat Sun
09:00 to 10:30         Led Posture Class Traditional Yoga
10:00 to 11:30     Traditional Yoga      
18:30 to 20:00   Traditional Yoga        

About the classes

The Traditional Yoga Class (Tuesday evening and Wednesday and Sunday mornings) is suitable for everyone, whether new to Yoga or an old hand. We will teach Postures, Breathing techniques, Meditation and Relaxation and each class will focus on a particular theme. These practices will help calm the nervous system and strengthen the immune system. (In Ayurvedic terms, this is a tri-doshic class, suitable for all constitutions.)

The Led Class on Saturday will be be more focused on postures, with a short meditation and relaxation. This class is suited more to students with some Yoga experience, but all can join if they work at their own level, and resist the temptation to do more than is appropriate. (Ayurvedically, this is very suited to those with an abundance of Kapha.)

IMPORTANT: Booking for all classes can only be done through MomoYoga. You can ONLY buy Drop-in Class. To do this:

  • Click on the button below and it will bring you to the Ashtanga Yoga Dublin MomoYoga Registration Page.
  • Fill in the registration form (you only have to do this the first time)and you will then be able to purchase a Drop-in Class via PayPal or with credit card.
  • Once you have purchased a class pass, go to the class schedule and book in for the class you would like to attend.
  • You should endeavour always to book a class at least 2 hours ahead of the class start time
  • For convenience you can download the Momoyoga App and, having purchased a class pass, you can register for classes by signing in on the App.

Ashtanga Yoga Dublin Live Classes

Terms and Conditions for Attending Live Classes

    • Only 6 students per class.
    • All students must fill out our Online Screening Form – CLICK HERE
    • The above Pre-Screening Form need only be filled in once, unless there is a material change in any of the information you supply. EG Coming in contact with a positive case, travelling abroad etc.
    • Every student’s temperature will be checked on entering the Shala – temperature must be BELOW 37.3 degrees C to be allowed to attend class
    • All classes MUST be booked through Momoyoga before attending. No walk-ups. No payments at the Shala.
    • All students must be arrive ten minutes before class and wait outside to enter one by one when invited to by the teacher.
    • No changing facilities or showers will be available
    • Please come dressed for class and bring your own mat. There are no mats, blankets, belts or props available.
    • Please bring as little as possible by way of bags, coats, phones etc to the Shala. Leave whatever you do not need for practice at home or in your car.
    • All students should wear a mask when not on their mat.
    • Hands must be sanitised on entry
    • Students must maintain social distance at all times
    • You should not come to any live class if you exhibit any symptoms of cough, sore-throat, temperature above 37.2 degrees C., loss of sense of smell, loss of taste, or any allergy symptoms leading to sneezing or coughing, or high temperature, even if Non-Covid related.
    • PLEASE NOTE that if you book and come to a class late, it is not possible to allow you in, as these are led classes and the teacher cannot leave the studio once the class begins. In this circumstance, we regret NO REFUND is possible.
    • If, for any of the above reasons above, you cannot be allowed in to the class, the class will still be charged for and again NO REFUND is possible.
    • By purchasing a Drop-in Class through MomoYoga I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept all of the above T’s & C’s in relation to attendance of live classes at Ashtanga Yoga Dublin.