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Private Yoga Classes

Both Paula and David are available for online private Yoga Classes on Zoom. These cost €80 for a one hour class. This is an ideal time to opt for an online Private Class, so that we can give you individual advice and tailor a practice for you based on your particular needs. There are many circumstances when a Private Class might be recommended.

1. Private Classes for Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy is an invaluable resource for both Mum-­to-­be and her baby. The class is designed to relieve fatigue, tension and stress and will incorporate breathing, posture work and deep relaxation and is suitable for all women from the 14th week on and no previous experience is necessary. At all times the aim will be to enhance the health and well-­being of both mum and baby during the pregnancy, with all practices tailored to the needs of each individual, and in so doing prepare the mum­-to­-be on all levels for an empowering birth experience.

We have two articles by Paula, one an overview of Yoga in pregnancy and the second about her own experience of the practice while pregnant with our daughter, Grace. Just click on the titles below.

2. Private Yoga Classes for Rehabilitation

If you are recovering from illness or injury it can be very beneficial to take a private class or two to learn how to get the most out of Yoga to speed your return to full health. Learn the specific practices that will help you the most. These may involve postures, breathing exercises and/or meditation and relaxation techniques.

3. Private Yoga Classes for particular Health Conditions

If you have a particular health concern, take a private class to find out what practice is most appropriate for you, or how to tailor your existing practice to fit your needs.

4. Private Classes to refine your practice

If you have an existing practice but are perhaps struggling with a particular posture, or with your breath, take a one­ to one class to explore the necessary techniques in detail. Small changes can yield big results.

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