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On these pages you will find all the information about our Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited 200hour and 500hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. These training courses are limited to a very small number of students, working intensively with the Tutors, ensuring that each Trainee receives the most rigorous and thorough training possible, helping them to maximise their potential as Yoga practitioners and prospective teachers. The tutors, David and Paula, have decades of experience of Yoga practice and teaching. For them Yoga is a way of life and they developed these courses to provide a genuinely vocation oriented training in Yoga practice and philosophy.

The RYT-200 Teacher Training is a 2-year Programme, the first year of which takes place over 8 Weekends and is also known as The Heart of Yoga 1-Year Intensive Course. The second year takes place in 3 blocks of 4-days, as well as additional class observation and an Assessment Weekend. We are also accepting applications from students who have already completed a 200 hour certification and have a minimum of 2 years Ashtanga experience. For more information on dates etc. please click on RYT 200 Dates and Details.

To apply for the course please download, read and complete all of the forms in our Teacher Training Course Policy Document.

The RYT-500 Teacher Training is an Apprenticeship Programme open to Graduates of our RYT-200 training only and if you are interested in applying for this course, you should make contact in person with David and Paula directly to talk over the requirements.

So, if you are serious about your Yoga Practice and are looking for a training that will challenge you to reach your highest potential, and that will at the same time inform, stimulate and entertain you, then we would love to hear from you.

Member of Yoga Alliance Professionals

Ashtanga Yoga Dublin is a member of Yoga Alliance Professional and Paula and David are both registered Senior Yoga Teachers with YAP. Our Teacher Training Course is YAP approved. View our YAP Profile here.


Yoga is a philosophy, a way of life and a practice. Its aim is to reconcile all aspects of the human being and to uncover the deepest and truest nature of what we are. Yoga is a practice of the heart and it’s teaching must come from the heart. Before one can be a teacher one must be a practitioner. If we are to guide anyone else on the path of yoga we must first walk it ourselves. Sharing one’s experience of Yoga as a teacher is a vocation, not a career.

Our complete Training Programme comprises the Heart of Yoga Intensive Course, the RYT 200 Heart of Yoga Foundation Teacher Training, and the RYT 500 Teaching Apprenticeship. Each of these Courses can be taken independently or as a longer comprehensive training. The programme emphasises personal practice in the three ways that Patanjali lists in the first Sutra of Sadhanah Padah.

  1. Tapah – the doing of the daily practices
  2. Svaadhyaya – the observation of oneself, one’s habits, thoughts and responses as well as the study of the Yogic texts that teach us about the Self.
  3. Ishwara Pranidhaanani – the effort to develop humility and selflessness.

Philosophical and Practical Yoga Training

Established in their own practice, which is underscored by the philosophy of the Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita, and in a spirit of service, it will be possible for the prospective teachers to approach their own students with more than just a battery of techniques, but with a depth of understanding that will enable them to impart their knowledge of Yoga and its practices from the heart, and in a way that can most significantly benefit their students both on and off the mat.

The courses will provide the philosophical and practical training and the personal support to enable the prospective teacher to:

  • become firmly established in their own practice, and
  • the skills, techniques and detailed information on all levels, from the anatomical to the spiritual, to safely and confidently guide others in the developing of a Yoga practice appropriate to the each individual.

The courses are modular and for a comprehensive description of the RYT 200 Teacher Training Course Content, please click on RYT 200 Content. For information about the RYT 500 hour Teacher Training Course please call David on 087 237 6383. For the 500 hour course content please click here.

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